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Arrangement of the term of the initial treatment To schedule the date for an initial treatment, please contact our receptionist at 605 270 055 or e-mail with the date which you would like to have your initial treatment. If you already have a pre-selected therapist, you will report their name and arrange the appointment. If you do not have a pre-selected therapist, our receptionist will be happy to advise you and will definitely choose the most appropriate option for you. 1. Visit or Initial Treatment For the initial treatment, reserve about 2 hours of time. We recommend spending enough …


I am a medical doctor and I have to express my great admiration and recognition for having access to the smallest patients in Inspirite. Mrs. Komarkova, she knows with „magic wands“. With love, smiles and professionalism, she uses needles so that the child does not even notice them. No pain, no cry, just eczema at the same time cease to rush, the hand operated has a better momentum, the exfoliation disappeared, frightened, the quiet sleep, the appetite, the joy to go to school … I’m grateful for this knowledge and to all the parents I can assure you that children’s [See full text]

MUDr. Jana Mrázová, Bratislava

In the summer, I got into a psycho-physical health node and my friend recommended the Inspirita Chinese Medicine Clinic. I have never experienced such a difference in my life between the state I was in and the way I left after acupuncture combined with craniosacral therapy. And since then, we’ve been dealing with all of our family’s health issues, including children, at Inspirita.

Martha Issová, actress

I got to Mrs. Komárková through my good friend and based on excellent references. I came to Mrs. Komárková with chest pains, rib problems and general fatigue. After several therapy sessions, I got back into shape, fatigue disappeared and the pain stopped. At the clinic I like that they use methods without the need to apply chemical treatment and try to solve the cause of the problem not just the consequence. They can highly recommend the clinic.

Zdenek Svata, Terezia Company

The whole family has been going to Inspirita since 2015, so we have several references: 1) I came to Inspirita with a 12 year old son. He had difficulty concentrating and was nervous and tearful, still complaining that no one liked him, and the kids at school were making fun of him. He communicated and was interested in everything around.  He was a little afraid of the needle, but only for the first time. We went every week, a total of 6 times and my son got better at school, he started to take the number one position instead of [See full text]


CM in Inspirita changed our lives. After repeating the second-trimester abortion, without a cause, we consulted with a number of doctors who could not offer us targeted treatment and talked about adoption, surrogate mother or risk of further failure. I came to Inspiration at a time when we were already losing our strength with the search for help and resigned to living without children. After a 6-week treatment with MUDr. Komárková, the accompanying health problems (heart palpitations, fatigue, hemorrhage in the middle of the cycle) were resolved and, above all, I began to feel much better mentally, more resilient and [See full text]


I fought acne for a year and a half. I spent a lot of money on cosmetics, beauticians, I was on 2 vacations and I was hoping for a miracle because of the sun, I went to around 3 dermatologists and when the third one just stuffed me with drugs and antibiotics, which I just refused to take, she stopped being depicted. I started to take it as a part of myself and as a finished thing „with it“. But I knew that acne was not just a cosmetic thing, but mainly the result of something not completely-wandering in the [See full text]

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