About us

We are an established clinic of Chinese medicine with more than ten years of experience. During that time, we have helped several thousands of patients back to health.



Our vision is to help people naturally restore balance within their bodies, all without the use of chemical preparations.


Basic values:

Teamwork, a holistic view, an individual approach and a respect for Western medicine are the four core values ​​of Inspirity that we trust; as well as the ability to alleviate or completely eliminate the patient’s difficulties.



We work as a team in order to achieve better results than therapists, who are working as  individuals. All diagnoses are consulted and supervised by the chief of the clinic, MUDr. Dagmar Komárková, together, we always try to find the most effective treatment.


Holistic view

The state of health of the patient is judged wholeheartedly. We take into account the activity of all internal organs, the emotional state, the health history and the overall constitution of the patient. We believe that it is not possible to determine the exact diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan without considering these criteria.


Individual approach

The body and soul of each patient is unique, so we apply an individual approach to each patient.


 Respect for Western medicine

The combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine is not excluded. Western medicine is a necessity for many diagnoses, at least for the beginning of the treatment, so do not worry that we will immediately drop all your medication and forbid you to see a doctor. Chinese medicine therapists and Western medicine doctors both work at our clinic. In many cases, we are able to effectively combine both approaches, so that the patient is in the best shape.


The meaning of Chinese medicine…

Chinese medicine, for any physical or mental disharmony, not only treats the problem but also seeks its cause enabling the body to regain its balance and maintain it for the long term.

These natural therapies are based on traditional Chinese medicine and are laid on five basic pillars: acupuncture, physiotherapy, bush massage, qi gong exercise and dietetics.

The different methods complement each other in their effects and, therefore, their combination is recommended to achieve ideal health and well-being.