First time in Inspirita

Arrangement of the term of the initial treatment

To schedule the date for an initial treatment, please contact our receptionist at 605 270 055 or e-mail with the date which you would like to have your initial treatment. If you already have a pre-selected therapist, you will report their name and arrange the appointment. If you do not have a pre-selected therapist, our receptionist will be happy to advise you and will definitely choose the most appropriate option for you.

1. Visit or Initial Treatment

For the initial treatment, reserve about 2 hours of time. We recommend spending enough time. Please do not clean the tongue coating on the day of the treatment and do not eat anything that tones the tongue. Upon arrival to the clinic, please sit in the waiting room on the first floor (also by elevator), the therapist will pick you up here and take you to the surgery as soon as possible. They will ask you an in-depth questionnaire about your current difficulties, historical and family history. As we apply a holistic view of the patient, this aid is crucial for us in terms of accurate diagnosis. After completing the questionnaire, the therapist will review it and provide additional information. However, feedback will only be provided to you after a thorough diagnosis on a second visit.

An integral part of the initial treatment is a detailed differential diagnosis based primarily on Yin / Yang theory and the five elements. During the interview, the therapist asks a number of questions about the state of health, lifestyle, diet, etc .; they also perform pulse throttling and language diagnosis. This therapist will determine the basic nature of the problem and, accordingly, the most appropriate treatment.

Your first acupuncture follows, which aims to „tune“ the body to the healing process and prepare for the next series of acupuncture.


2. Second visit

On the second visit, the therapist will have thoroughly analyzed your diagnosis, the causes of your troubles, and suggest ways to treat, including dietary recommendations and physical fitness. This may include one or a combination of therapies depending on the nature of the disorder. This is followed by a classic examination – pulse, diagnosis from the tongue and then classic acupuncture. The needles are most often applied to the belly, on the stomach, and then lying on the back, most often left 20-30 minutes on each part, followed by pulling. Therapist will discuss other treatment options (diet, herbs, exercises) – all tailored to your needs.

3. Follow-up

A regular visit takes place in two parts, first through an interview, about your current physical and mental state. From this information, the therapist will have a complete picture of the patient’s condition and change from previous visits.

The therapist then applies acupuncture needles, first to the back and then to the front of the body.

In order for acupuncture to be successful, it needs to be done regularly over a period of time. The frequency and length of these sessions vary individually. Most often they are half-hour to one hour blocks once evey week or two for several months.