Bc. Barbora Holá
Therapist and lector of Chinese medicine

My inspiration…

I’m very lucky to live in the nature. Every day, I can walk through forests and meadows and see how our seasons change. I can smell the scents of the forest, the earth, the meadows; Feel the heat of the sun and feel the frost and calm of the winter. I can watch birds and deer preparing for spring, for a new beginning, to grow, to break.   I receive everything in every walk through every pore of the skin, every tinge. And all this in me raises one feeling, humility, the feeling of total fusion, and reconciliation with nature. Calm, happiness, respect.

„During my more than 20-year work in health care, I have a sense of working with the human body. With acupuncture, which I met for the first time in a two-year practice in health care and I was very fascinated by the holistic approach to the person. As an instrumentalist in the operating theater, I was increasingly aware of the importance of a holistic approach to the treatment of any illness. That’s why I decided to change my focus and study Traditional Chinese Medicine. „


  • TCM Institute – University of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Study of Five Skills
  • Master of Chinese medicine
  • Bachelor study, field: general nurse
  • Secondary health school, field: children’s nurse
  • Expert Seminar at TCM Institute – Comprehensive Discourse on Extraordinary Acupuncture Lanes


  • Nurse in the ARO Department – Rescue Service Hospital Malvazinky
  • Private Clinic of Chinese Medicine
  • perioperative nurse of orthopedics, traumatology
  • since 2014 therapist at the Clinics of chines medicine at Inspirita