David Krupka

My inspiration…

Knowledge of monks, Eastern medicine and the lifestyle of yogis and Buddhist monks. I like their knowledge, endless peace, a quiet mind, and a hearty smile.

“Since childhood, I have come to realize that classical medicine is not enough to resolve and fully cure all problems, pain, negative feelings, and, mainly, does not seek and cure the cause of all this. Gradually, I became acquainted with the effects of acupressure, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and energy of Qi. Likewise, the effects of her grandmother’s herbs. I perceived how the effects of these methods gradually began to heal my body.”


  • Aromatherapy (Karel Hadek)
  • Shamballa energy treatment 1 and 2 stage (Miluška Patricka)
  • Bowen (Katarina Kolenová)
  • VHT I. – Academy of the Somatic International Academy (Katarina Kolenová)
  • Shamballa 3 and 4 Master degree of energy treatment (Miluška Patřičná)
  • Emotional Therapy (Brendon Bays)
  • Healing Zhineng Qigong (Jitka Masek)
  • Emotional Therapy (Simona Wenger)
  • VHT II. – Academy of the Somatic International Academy (Katarina Kolenova, Jock Rudock Australia)
  • VHT Advanced Modules 5 and 6 (Joanita Fernandes England, Katarina Kolenova)
  • Emotional Therapy of Radical Forgiveness (Simona Wenger)
  • Reconditioning and Sports Massage School (Radek Kupr)
  • Zy-Qigong I (Petr Kochlík)therapy of rushes (Mila Bublik)
  • Harmonization of Body and Soul (Mila Patric)
  • Healing Zhineng Qigong (Wei Qifeng)
  • Healing Zhineng Qigong Tilla Opstal)
  • Working with the subconsciousEgyptian Healing (Miluška Patricka)
  • Reflective Therapy (J. Pataky)


  • From 2015, a masseur at the Chinese medicine clinic Inpirita