Eva Hulešová

My inspiration…

Infinity and uniqueness of human stories and fates …. Everyone has our own version …

„Helping to map and find a better direction in your story, is my life idea and lifetime joy. Through the suffering, comes the deepest knowledge, for example, whether it is „only“ about the pain of a „broken heart“, the sharing of the heavy burden, its direct experience, the escalation of the beloved being, the transition to a mature woman or a man … I have such knowledge, experiencing the loss of a loved one. Her husband who suffered severe illness after 4 years. I had to go step by step for four years, two little children and trying to minimize their childhood. Still, even in these moments, it is necessary to stop, to let down your knees, but then to straighten up … and that is my great personal contribution to my beloved work in great respect. To create a better balance between spirit and body, I also work with breathing yoga techniques or yoga alone.“


  • Psycho-terapeutical seminar
  • Power Yoga Academies – yoga instructor
  • ČADJ – child yoga instructor
  • SZŠ branch of technician


  • Since 2017, a therapist at the Chinese Medicine Clinic, Inspiracy
  • yoga instructor in the Beyond studio
  • Teacher of Yoga Prague, Municipal Theaters + private lessons

Charity projects:

  • Bulb for Jan – A collection of funds for the purchase of an electric carriage
  • Memory numbers (z) – animation workshops
  • Some other way through the forest – cooperation with children’s homes
  • Sklep Laním – performance of the Sklep theater
  • Bulb for the Government – A collection of funds for the purchase of an electric carriage
  • Little girl guesses – CD Jany Loty Little girl in cooperation with Havlíčkova Elementary School in Opava