Irena Nováková

My inspiration…

Every satisfied client I can relieve of his difficulties

„I have been working professionally since 2012, when I decided to fulfill my long dream and do a job that makes sense and I love it. I like the principle of holistic medicine, when the body is seen as a complex system in which the surface and the nitro are interconnected. In my therapy, I use the principles of Chinese medicine and the knowledge of various techniques that I combine according to the current problems and needs of the client.“


  •  Sport and regeneration massage
  •  Manual lymphatic drainage
  •  Dorn’s method + Breuss massage
  •  Pregnancy Massage
  •  Tuina, Gua Sha
  •  Baby massage
  •  Tanning
  •  Kineziotaping
  •  Anti-cellulite massage + ozone wrap
  •  Stretching and stretching
  •  Mobilization techniques


  • Private practice in massage salons
  • From 2017 masseuse at the Chinese Medicine Clinic Inspirita