Klára Svobodová Dis.
Therapist of Chinese medicine

My inspiration…

It fascinates me that a holistic approach to Chinese medicine can harmonize the whole body and we do not have to conform to the pressures of classical medicine.

„When my parents asked me what I wanted to do when I was big, I never thought my heart would beat for traditional Chinese medicine. Paradoxically, the wrong diet, stress, and hectic lifestyle later showed me how my life is going to go. Indeed, when I was wearing myself out, I felt how strongly a diet could affect human health. I started to be interested in a holistic approach to human health, especially prevention. That’s how I got to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. „


  • TCM Institute – School of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Study of Five Skills
  • Dietetics of Chinese Medicine (Prof. Yu Chunquan)


  • 6 years of experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies
  • Body Mind and Work Course – A Program for Successful Women
  • MLM Nutrition Advisor
  • Lecturer of Chinese Dietetics Healthy Cooking Seminars
  • Keeping an online store focused on healthy lifestyles and respect for nature
  • From 2016, a therapist at the Chinese medicine clinic Inspirita