MUDr. Natalia Chymreva, CSc.
Therapist of Chinese medicine

My inspiration…

Most of my inspiration is my patients. My life, wisdom and hope which I draw from them and from their life story. Also, my teachers are a source of my inspiration, which amazes me with my human and professional qualities and their endeavor to change the world positively.

Even while studying medicine, I dreamed of being a surgeon, and that dream came true. For 12 years I worked at the ENT clinic. After the first years of excitement with surgical practice, I began to think about other ways of healing my patients rather than surgical and medical treatment. I understand that I have to treat a person and not a disease. My primary goal is not to cure illness, but to create conditions so that the illness does not arise. Listening to people is an integral part of therapy. Without immersion in the problems of the client I would not be able to correctly diagnose and the correct diagnosis is the basis of effective therapy. The ability to combine my knowledge of classical medicine with the richness of thousands of years of proven methods of traditional Chinese medicine enchants me. Practice at the Inspirita Clinic under the direction of MUDr. Komárková I perceive with the great respect.“


  • Leningrad Medical College, I.P. Pavlova
  • Clinical Medical Assistance of the Sankt-Peterburg State Pediatric Academy
  • ORL attestation§  Defense of Doctoral Thesis within the Sankt-Peterburg Research Institute of Cervical Diseases and Speech; degree awarded – candidate for medical science (CSc.)
  • Clinical, Pedagogical and Scientific Activities at the Department and Clinic of St. Petersburg State Pediatric Academy
  •   Author of many professional articles and patent owner in ENT
  • TČM Institute – Study of Five Skills
  • Language skills: Russian, Czech, English


  • Since 2017 a therapist at the Chinese Medicine Clinic, Inspirita