PaedDr. Petr Tlapák CSc.

My inspiration….

Combination of different healing and preventive methods or concepts centered on the person as a whole, not only on the body (physiology, biochemistry). Also on the energy, mental and spiritual processes.

„I really like approaches that teach a person to help (SAM SOBE) and come to where and why the problem is. While I’m still learning fine manual therapy (visceral, neural, craniosacral, energetic), I vehemently fancy „homework“. Both in terms of motion therapy and prevention, as well as self-therapy and prevention in the field of soul and spirit (relaxation-active action and meditation methods). Traditional Chinese medicine also counts on the patient’s physically active approach (qi gong, tai ji), which I try to learn and pass.“ 



  • FTVS UK (1976)
  • Scientific aspiranture (1982)
  • Diploma Specialist / Physiotherapy (2003)
  • Acupuncture, Czechosl. Sinobiologická společnost – TČM (2005-2008)


  • Physiotherapy for 15 years (RV Malvazinky, FN Motol, rehabilitation Prague 5, now Inspiracy)
  • Sport 20 years (coach, methodologist, researcher)
  • Teacher 30 years of university (FTVS UK, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, TUL Liberec, UJEP Ústí nad Labem)
  • Lead the private TONUS training center

Courses certified by MZČR:

  • Vojta’s Method (H. Nováková, MD)
  • Treatment of functional female sterility according to L. Mojžíšová (Bc. V. Bezvodová)
  • Diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the motor system (Bc. V. Bezvodová)
  • DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (Prof. PaedDr P. Kolar, PhD) 

Chinese and osteopathic medicine courses:

  • Tuina and Qi Gong (Prof Bai Yunqiao)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine – Foundations, TCM Institute Prague (J. Lucký, MD)
  • Extra acupuncture paths, Holešov (J. Lucký, MD)
  • Visceral Therapy – (VM 1, VM 2, VM 3) – Barral Institute of Prague (Pierre Vey, DO)
  • Neural Mobilization (NM 1) – Barral Institute of Prague (Pierre Vey, DO)
  • Physiotherapy, Biomechanics – University of Southern California,  Los Angeles, USA (Prof. K. Kulig)