Vladislav Novák
Therapist and masseur of Chinese medicine

My inspiration…

My inspiration is the belief that the body can do incredible things when it gets an opportunity. What I do is the tuning of subtle waves, and then the body has to work alone.

„My life’s journey was really winding, but in the end I went on the right course. After an accident in 2005, I registered in a reflexology school. From reflexology therapy to herbs and massages, it was just a step away from Chinese medicine. My first contact with Chinese medicine was with Professor Bai Yungqiao – with whom I was a student for years.“


  • Basic course and reflex therapy school at Pattaky’s spouses
  • QiGong Tuina by Professor Bai Yunqiao§ Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the TCM Bohemia Educational Institute
  • TCM Bohemia Educational Institute:§ Chinese Taiina massage school with an accreditation certificate
  • Ear acupuncture I. and II. degree§ Scalp acupuncture according to YAMAMOTO§ Bach’s flower essences I. and II. degree
  • Ü Study of WU YUN LIU QI (acupuncture according to heavenly tribes and earth branches)
  • Pulse diagnostics LING SHU (according to old classics)
  • The ongoing BAZI (Chinese Astrology)


  • Anti-cellulite massage + ozone wrap§  Professor Wang’s blocking course§  Banking course and work with mox, ČSBS dr. Tomčala and dr. Vančuříková



  • Traditional Chinese Medicine School – Certificate§  Technique rejuvenation faces at the TCM Institute – Certificate§  Chinese massage Tuina – accredited certificate



  • Since 2009, therapist at the Chinese Medicine Clinic Inspiracy§  Professional internship at Dong Zhi Men Hospital in Beijing