CM in Inspirita changed our lives. After repeating the second-trimester abortion, without a cause, we consulted with a number of doctors who could not offer us targeted treatment and talked about adoption, surrogate mother or risk of further failure.

I came to Inspiration at a time when we were already losing our strength with the search for help and resigned to living without children. After a 6-week treatment with MUDr. Komárková, the accompanying health problems (heart palpitations, fatigue, hemorrhage in the middle of the cycle) were resolved and, above all, I began to feel much better mentally, more resilient and stronger, giving hope back.  I got pregnant immediately when my husband and I decided to try the baby again. Throughout my pregnancy, I regularly attended Inspirita, despite my painless history of my pregnancy, my pregnancy felt unexpectedly calm. In July 2018, in the 39th week of pregnancy, a beautiful healthy son was born.

Some feelings are difficult to communicate, but at least in this limited form we would like to thank Dr Komárková and Inspire. Without you, our lives would be much poorer …