The whole family has been going to Inspirita since 2015, so we have several references:

1) I came to Inspirita with a 12 year old son. He had difficulty concentrating and was nervous and tearful, still complaining that no one liked him, and the kids at school were making fun of him. He communicated and was interested in everything around.  He was a little afraid of the needle, but only for the first time. We went every week, a total of 6 times and my son got better at school, he started to take the number one position instead of three and found out in 2 months he had a lot of friends. 

2) I was diagnosed with a thyroid that was enlarged, had nodules, and I had high antibodies. On endocrinology, they told me that even if the thyroid works, they will have to take it out because it’s too big. After a year of acupuncture at the therapist Government, applied more often, but the last half-year only once a month- the thyroid gland decreased by 2 cm! The nodules disappeared and during the next year the antibodies dropped from their original values of ​​around 1500 to 130, which is the norm.

3) I unexpectedly got pregnant with a third child at the age of 44. I immediately started to go to acupuncture and had a really trouble-free pregnancy up to 34 weeks, compared to the previous two, completely free from nausea and various pains. I had a lot of energy and was mentally cool. And even though at 14 weeks, it was found that the boy I was waiting for probably had Down syndrome, acupuncture helped me cope with everything and accept the situation. And frankly, not only acupuncture, but also the approach and good word of the therapist Government.  Bara helped me again in the summer when I started to have complications with umbilical cord flow and threatened immediate premature birth at 32 weeks and a low birth weight of 1400g. We managed to delay the delivery by almost 3 weeks and the son was only slightly premature, was born at 35 weeks and weighed 2250g. 

4) My son with Down’s syndrome (DS) was born in August and Dr. Komárková started to work with him from the puerperium and go to acupuncture every 2 weeks. Today, he is almost half a year old and my son is developing quite normal with healthy children. He talks a lot, laughs, holds the head beautifully, reaches for toys, is healthy and happy as are we with him. After each acupuncture, I see an immediate shift within two days. We even managed to prevent the operation of the heart due to acupuncture, as the son was asleep, because he, like most children with DS, had a narrow aorta. We went to an ultrasound check every month and after 3 months the condition started to improve and we were told at 5 months that we no longer had to go to the controls. Next is enough in 9 months. I am extremely grateful that the doctor is working with us.