Tereza Vlasáková

I fought acne for a year and a half. I spent a lot of money on cosmetics, beauticians, I was on 2 vacations and I was hoping for a miracle because of the sun, I went to around 3 dermatologists and when the third one just stuffed me with drugs and antibiotics, which I just refused to take, she stopped being depicted. I started to take it as a part of myself and as a finished thing „with it“. But I knew that acne was not just a cosmetic thing, but mainly the result of something not completely-wandering in the body, so I didn’t really care about it. Once, the client mentioned to me that she had a similar problem and she was helped by acupuncture, so I thought I wouldn’t give up for the order. Today it’s about 4 months since my first visit and I WOKE UP LIKE THIS. ? I love my skin and most importantly – I am healthy. You ask me a lot about what I use for cosmetics and makeup, so please … needles. ? ❤️    .

I thank my therapist Vlada