Skin disorders


Apparently, each of us has experienced some form of unsightly pimples in his face. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases, especially among young people in puberty and does not avoid men and women after 30 years of age.

Puberty acne causes increased sebum production that clogs pores. Maze creates the ideal environment for bacteria that contribute to the formation of comedones or even inflammation. Acne can aggravate heredity, premenstrual syndrome or menstruation, stress, inappropriate diet and smoking. Also, take care of your skin regularly, adjust the diet as recommended by the practitioner, do not smoke and sleep for at least 7 hours. All types of acne in women tend to get worse before menstruation.

Hotness in the lung pathway: occurs mostly in younger people, papules (red pimple without pus) and pustules (red pimple containing pus) appear mainly on the forehead, nose and surroundings or the whole face. gastric and colon pathways: manifested by more oily skin, frequent redness, large to purulent pimples, which occur mainly around the mouth, under jaw angles, on the neckline and back.  Blood blockage, bitterness in the blood: in this type of acne the incidence is later, quite often after the age of 30 or in women typically after contraception. Acne usually occurs without greater suppuration, typically in the form of papules and painful modulations.

Acne skin can handle excellent Chinese medicine. It is enough to entrust an expert to the care. A very suitable solution is acupuncture, which cleans the heat and pulls out the toxin or stimulates the blood blockade that causes painful modulations. A suitable supplement is Chinese herbs, which support the overall effect of acupuncture. The results are overwhelming.

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