Bachovy květové esence

Emotional balance due to Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies represent a simple and yet very effective system of harmonizing our emotions. The Discovery of Dr. Essences Bach believed that physical illness was the result of emotional imbalances. Flower Remedies harmonizes negative emotions such as feeling inferior, fatigue, feeling overloaded, lack of self-confidence, fear, melancholy, dissatisfaction, etc. They help eliminate these conditions, they get us to the moment when we look at ourselves and our situation objectively and to make decisions without negative emotions . They allow us to regain the courage to realize our dreams and wishes, to find the right way of life.

Bach Flower Remedies are very gentle, safe, and without side effects. They can be used by both pregnant women and young children. In a personal consultation, you will be mixed with essences that fit your constitution and your particular life situation. Then you will take these droplets for about a month.

 It’s 38 Flower Remedies, which are prepared from non-edible planted plants and trees.

The 39th Remedy is Rescue Remedy, which is designed to calm the psychic level after shock, trauma and emotional strain. It helps to establish positive inner temper, calmness, serenity and proper self-assurance. Practical spray packaging allows convenient use.