Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy addresses a wide range of medical conditions that are usually associated with pain and dysfunctions of various organs. It allows you to feel a deep relaxation, relieves stress caused by any cause, and enhances your life energy and vitality.

It is closely related to the endocrine, movement, circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory systems. If cerebrospinal fluid circulation does not proceed harmonically, it negatively affects both the nervous system and our entire organism. In craniosacral therapy, the therapist with very delicate touch finds and removes blockages in the craniosacral system, which cause difficulties of all sorts. It improves the function of the brain and spinal cord, releases the pelvic floor, coccyx, diaphragm and fascia throughout the body.


When can craniosacral therapy help?

  • Pain, joint, spine, head

  • Problems of psychosomatic origin, such as high / low blood pressure

  • Concentrations, hyperactivity, mental retardation, epilepsy,

  • Mental stress, stress, insomnia, fear, anxiety

  • Enhancement of total immunity

  • Supporting the treatment of addictions