Of the three tenths of the drug treats, seven tenths of the right diet,“ says the Chinese proverb

Chinese Dietetics deal with the influence of consumed food on our health. Here the principle is that, after a meal, which is suitable for us, we should feel better than before. The goal is a balanced diet and balance of the organism.

Chinese dietetics assess food according to season, taste, thermal nature, tropism or cooking.

How does it take a dietary consultation?

Together, we will fill out a questionnaire where you will find out in detail your eating habits. Then, we ask you some questions about your health and the current difficulties.

After, we will prepare a list of suitable foods and recommendations according to your Chinese diagnostics.

Together, we’ll discuss how to modify your diet to make it work harmoniously and address the specific health ailments you have. We will provide you with recipes that are suitable for your constitutional type.

   Dis. Klára Svobodová

    Consultant of Dietetics

A health food store

The clinic includes a health food store where you can find foods related to traditional Chinese medicine as well as healthy foods for the general public. The shop is designed in several sections – breakfast, sweet and salty sweets, flavors, food for quick preparation and longer baking. We also offer you a wide range of herbal, black, green and fruit teas that will help you in times of illness or just to stroke your taste buds. Natural cosmetics are also available – soaps, deodorants, etc.

It is possible to pay by card without a minimum purchase.


Bistro – Food Inspiration

Food Inspiration offers lunch according to the principle of five elements: vegetarian, vegan and meat. A wide range of over 800 proven recipes and a large portion of organic ingredients make it a varied seasonal diet. We have been supplying lunches to bistros and canteens for over five years. An important support to our operation is a unique ordering system, where you can easily order food and pick it up in our shop in Kobylisy, if you order in larger quantities, we will bring you the food.

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