Bowen’s therapy

A method that treats all main muscles in the body with three-phase motion. The treatment takes place in a relatively rapid sequence, and a series of fine and non-invasive movements with precise localization are applied to individual body parts. They treat, not only, the superficial but also the deep, and under normal circumstances, hard-to-reach muscles. The treatment is delicate and clients often get deep relaxation.

This method helps to speed up the regeneration of the organism and keeps the whole body in natural balance. It acts positively on the functioning of the internal organs, the hormonal system, has detoxifying and relaxing effects. Works well in fatigue and stress.

After this massage is recommended min. for one day, increase fluid intake and avoid hot baths, sauna and hard work, sporting muscles and drinking alcohol.

Bowen's therapy in Inspirita is provided by masseur David Krupka.