Physiotherapy is a very effective method whose purpose is not only to eliminate the problems but also their causes. Most often, this method helps with back , head and joint pain, as well as corrects defective posture and relieves neurological illness.

At the beginning of the visit, the physiotherapist starts your diagnosis and follows a manual therapy and provides suggestions for home exercises. Based on the diagnosis, the physiotherapist detects where the source of the disorder is – whether the main problem is in the internal organs or the motion system. According to this, the physiotherapist chooses manual treatment: visceral or neural therapy by Barral ( or manual treatment according to Bezvodová, Čápová, Janda, Kolář, Lewita and Vojta.

Each patient will receive a set of exercises for home. To increase the effect of this method, we recommend combining it with massage and acupuncture. 

Physiotherapy provides in Inspirita  PaedDr. Petr Tlapák CSc.