Phytotherapy is another very effective and widespread method of traditional Chinese medicine, which, using healing herbs, can harmonize the body. It is most often used in combination with acupuncture. It works with Chinese herbal mixtures, supplemented with minerals and seldom with animal material. The effectiveness of these recipes has been proven hundreds of years.

Patient mixtures can be used in various forms. In China, the most commonly used tang („tang“) is when the herbal mixture is boiled for about 20 minutes and the patient drinks it twice a day. It is also possible to get the herbs in the form of a finely crushed powder (so called „san“) which brews for a short time (5-10 min.) and drink the broth. The most widespread form of pressed herbal beads or tablets (so called wan pian) is water or tea. It is also possible to get the herbs in the instant form, when the mixture is poured with hot water and drank several times a day.

In acute conditions, such as flu, herbal mixtures at higher doses are used to alleviate the difficulty and then 2-3 days to prevent recurrence of the disease. For chronic imbalances, long-term therapy is ideal, ideally with diet. Proper diet is basically less concerted phytotherapy, therefore it can not be neglected for a long time.

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