Physical and mental health, well-being … are two coupled vessels. Neither can work without the other.

Sometimes our lives will prepare for us for trials, which we are confronted with.

I, no longer perceive life crises as loss and injustice, but as a new chance, a step out of the vicious circle, an opportunity for self-knowledge and self-realization leading to scientific work on our spirit of wisdom.

Psychotherapy is the expert sharing of these milestones, a summary of ideas, a lack of judgment and a professional orientation that can help us greatly along this path …

It allows us to understand and accept our health, without fear of dictation.

Let them breathe freely and in the light of knowing,  we can be active creators of our lives…


Opportunities for cooperation:

  • 90min individual therapy, we are each original who needs their own specifics, which may include longer term work with the client
  • short-term (one-time) therapy 90 minutes, in the case of acute problems, crises such as work, partner or family
  • paired therapy
  • meditation therapy – 60 minutes
  • Yoga Therapy – Includes an individual yoga lesson and meditation
  • etiotherapy – we can easily get into a circle that we do not know how to get out
  • Consultation 30 min – free of charge