Qigong is another pillar that we rely on in Inspiration. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Petr Kochlík teaches this here. As this exercise has not yet fully come to the attention of the general public, here is a brief info … The qigong exercise has a significant effect on silencing the mind, stopping it from a hectic lifetime, it’s a way of understanding yourself and your surroundings. This exercise has been cultivated in China for millennia and serves to improve overall health, treat specific problems, and promotes longevity. There are many directions and forms of qigong. Qigong is able to remove energy blockages flowing through the channels and to supplement it. This increases the efficiency of acupuncture.

By using qigong, the function of the organs can be significantly improved, increasing vitality and enhancing the immunity of the organism. Exercise is not physically demanding, it does not require space or equipment. You can practice at any age, in common more comfortable clothing, and in heelless boots.

Qigong gives everyone the opportunity to take responsibility into their own hands for their health and to restore the self-healing ability of our body.